Intelligence Law School - Course 1: Lesson 7.1.1 Introduction to Lesson 7

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7.1 Summary of Legal Sources in U.S. Intelligence Law

7.1.1 Introduction to Lesson 7

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7.1.1 Introduction to Lesson 7

You made it to Lesson 7!


You’re done with Course I: Introduction to Legal Sources in U.S. Intelligence Law.

I’ve you’ve paid attention then you now have a detailed grasp of all the component parts of the legal framework governing intelligence agencies.

I know it’s been rough, and I tried to cover a lot of complicated concepts in a short amount of time.

You should listen to this lecture as many times as it takes to master these basics.

Also, make use of the extensive substantiation I’ve put into the footnotes backing up everything I’ve said in this course.

If there was every anything I said that was confusing, or struck you as wrong, go take a look at the annotated transcript.

Chances are, I will have quoted the exact language from the Supreme Court case backing up whatever I’ve said.

If not, then feel free to send me a message on, or post a comment at the bottom of the Lesson page in question.



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