Intelligence Law School - Course 1: Lesson 5.3.5 Separate National Security Rules Framework

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5.3 Presidential Rules

5.3.5 Separate National Security Rules Framework

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5.3.5 Separate National Security Rules Framework

As I’ve already told you, there is a special set of Presidential rules that is used in the national security context.

In the last part of this Lesson I’ll introduce you to these Presidential/NSC Directives, which change names almost as often as we change Presidents.

President Barack Obama uses the names:

Ø  Presidential Study Directives;

Ø  Presidential Policy Directives; and

Ø  Homeland Security Presidential Directives.


In that last section, I’ll also tell you about Executive Order 12-Triple-Three, which is the main Presidential regulation governing the U.S. Intelligence Community.

I’ll run you through some of the most important agency procedures governing intelligence activities affecting United States persons.


But before we get to the Intelligence stuff, I’m going to quickly run through the branch rules of Congress and the Courts.

I also have to tell you a little about judicial review of administrative rules.

I’ll try to make it quick. 



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