Intelligence Law School - Course 1: Lesson 3.1.1 Introduction to Lesson 3

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3.1 Introduction to Constitutional Law

3.1.1 Introduction to Lesson 3

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3.1.1 Introduction to Lesson 3

Welcome to Lesson 3: Introduction to Constitutional Law.

In this lesson, I’ll be running through the basics of constitutional law in the federal legal system of the United States.

I’ll also be mentioning all of the specific provisions of the U.S. Constitution that are relevant to U.S. intelligence law.

I won’t be talking much about the specifics of individual cases interpreting these provisions in this first course introducing you to legal sources.

But I’ll be covering the substantive application of these provisions in detail in the next course in this series: Course II: Constitutional Law and Intelligence.

For now, I just want you to know a bit about the structure of the U.S. Constitution and the individual provisions that will be relevant to everything we study later on.



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