Intelligence Law School - Course 1: Lesson 1.1.4 Annotated Transcript

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1.1 General Introduction

1.1.4 Annotated Transcript

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Annotated Lecture Transcript

1.1.4 Annotated Transcript

Also, the annotated lecture transcripts for each course are an incredible reference tool.

For example, the annotated transcript for this first course on legal sources is over 350 pages long.

Only about a third of that is the text of what I’m saying.

The other two thirds are footnotes.

There are well over 100,000 words of explanatory footnotes backing up every word I say in this first course alone.

I have been so meticulous about supporting everything I say in these lectures that the footnotes are literally twice as long as the text of the spoken transcript.

The same is true for all the other courses in this series as well.


There is some really great background information in these footnotes.

If you’re ever confused about what you’re hearing, just find it in the transcript and then look at the annotations at the bottom of the page.

Chances are you’ll discover far more detailed background information in the footnotes than was covered in what I said out loud.

I had to keep these lectures as concise as possible to avoid boring you to death.

I put most of the detail in these footnotes, so please check them out.

There’s a wealth of additional information in each one.


The intelligence field is so fraught with misinformation that I spent hundreds of hours backing up everything I say in these courses with very reliable source material.

These sources are almost always government documents.

Sometimes I’ll back things up with material from a reference book or a law review or newspaper article, but most of the time it’s an actual government document I’m using as my source.


I did this so that you can approach these lectures with complete confidence, secure in the knowledge that everything you’re learning is 100% accurate.

If you ever have any doubts about something I say in these lectures, you can always check out my sources immediately by looking at the footnotes in the annotated transcript and reading the extensive substantiation I’ve compiled at the bottom of each page.



There are no footnotes for this lesson.


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