Statutory Law - US Code - 32 USC 105. Inspection

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32 USC § 105. Inspection

*Current through Public Law 112-173, August 16th, 2012.

(a) Under regulations prescribed by him, the Secretary of the Army shall have an inspection made by inspectors general, or, if necessary, by any other commissioned officers of the Regular Army detailed for that purpose, to determine whether—
(1) the amount and condition of property held by the Army National Guard are satisfactory;
(2) the Army National Guard is organized as provided in this title;
(3) the members of the Army National Guard meet prescribed physical and other qualifications;
(4) the Army National Guard and its organization are properly uniformed, armed, and equipped and are being trained and instructed for active duty in the field, or for coast defense;
(5) Army National Guard records are being kept in accordance with this title;
(6) the accounts and records of each property and fiscal officer are properly maintained; and
(7) the units of the Army National Guard meet requirements for deployment.

The Secretary of the Air Force has a similar duty with respect to the Air National Guard.
(b) The reports of inspections under subsection (a) are the basis for determining whether the National Guard is entitled to the issue of military property as authorized under this title and to retain that property; and for determining which organizations and persons constitute units and members of the National Guard; and for determining which units of the National Guard meet deployability standards.
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