Statutory Law - US Code - 22 USC 2349bb-2a. International nonproliferation export control training

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22 USC § 2349bb–2a. International nonproliferation export control training

*Current through Public Law 112-173, August 16th, 2012.

(a) General authority
The President is authorized to furnish, on such terms and conditions consistent with this part (but whenever feasible on a reimbursable basis), education and training to appropriate military and civilian personnel of foreign countries for the purpose of enhancing the nonproliferation and export control capabilities of such personnel through their attendance in special courses of instruction conducted by the United States.
(b) Administration of courses
The Secretary of State shall have overall responsibility for the development and conduct of international nonproliferation education and training programs under this section, and may utilize other departments and agencies of the United States, as appropriate, to recommend personnel for the education and training and to administer specific courses of instruction.
(c) Purposes
Education and training activities conducted under this section shall be—
(1) of a technical nature, emphasizing techniques for detecting, deterring, monitoring, interdicting, and countering proliferation;
(2) designed to encourage effective and mutually beneficial relations and increased understanding between the United States and friendly countries; and
(3) designed to improve the ability of friendly countries to utilize their resources with maximum effectiveness, thereby contributing to greater self-reliance by such countries.
(d) Priority to certain countries
In selecting personnel for education and training pursuant to this section, priority should be given to personnel from countries determined by the Secretary of State to be countries frequently transited by proliferation-related shipments of cargo.
(Pub. L. 87–195, pt. II, §584, as added Pub. L. 107–228, div. B, title XIII, §1303(2), Sept. 30, 2002, 116 Stat. 1436.)