Statutory Law - US Code - 18 USC 2724. Civil action

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18 USC § 2724. Civil action

*Current through Public Law 112-173, August 16th, 2012.

(a) Cause of Action.—A person who knowingly obtains, discloses or uses personal information, from a motor vehicle record, for a purpose not permitted under this chapter shall be liable to the individual to whom the information pertains, who may bring a civil action in a United States district court.
(b) Remedies.—The court may award—
(1) actual damages, but not less than liquidated damages in the amount of $2,500;
(2) punitive damages upon proof of willful or reckless disregard of the law;
(3) reasonable attorneys’ fees and other litigation costs reasonably incurred; and
(4) such other preliminary and equitable relief as the court determines to be appropriate.

(Added Pub. L. 103–322, title XXX, §300002(a), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2101.)