Statutory Law - US Code - 10 USC 432. Use, disposition, and auditing of funds

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10 USC § 432. Use, disposition, and auditing of funds

*Current through Public Law 112-173, August 16th, 2012.

(a) Use of Funds.—Funds generated by a commercial activity authorized pursuant to this subchapter may be used to offset necessary and reasonable expenses arising from that activity. Use of such funds for that purpose shall be kept to the minimum necessary to conduct the activity concerned in a secure manner. Any funds generated by the activity in excess of those required for that purpose shall be deposited, as often as may be practicable, into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts.
(b) Audits.—(1) The Secretary of Defense shall assign an organization within the Department of Defense to have auditing responsibility with respect to activities authorized under this subchapter.
(2) That organization shall audit the use and disposition of funds generated by any commercial activity authorized under this subchapter not less often than annually. The results of all such audits shall be promptly reported to the intelligence committees (as defined in section 437(d) of this title).
(Added Pub. L. 102–88, title V, §504(a)(2), Aug. 14, 1991, 105 Stat. 438.)