Statutory Law - US Code - 10 USC 409. Center for Complex Operations

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10 USC § 409. Center for Complex Operations

*Current through Public Law 112-173, August 16th, 2012.

(a) Center Authorized.—The Secretary of Defense may establish a center to be known as the “Center for Complex Operations” (in this section referred to as the “Center”).
(b) Purposes.—The purposes of the Center established under subsection (a) shall be the following:
(1) To provide for effective coordination in the preparation of Department of Defense personnel and other United States Government personnel for complex operations.
(2) To foster unity of effort during complex operations among—
(A) the departments and agencies of the United States Government;
(B) foreign governments and militaries;
(C) international organizations and international nongovernmental organizations; and
(D) domestic nongovernmental organizations.

(3) To conduct research; collect, analyze, and distribute lessons learned; and compile best practices in matters relating to complex operations.
(4) To identify gaps in the education and training of Department of Defense personnel, and other relevant United States Government personnel, relating to complex operations, and to facilitate efforts to fill such gaps.

(c) Concurrence of the Secretary of State.—The Secretary of Defense shall seek the concurrence of the Secretary of State to the extent the efforts and activities of the Center involve the entities referred to in subparagraphs (B) and (C) of subsection (b)(2).
(d) Support From Other United States Government Departments or Agencies.—The head of any non-Department of Defense department or agency of the United States Government may—
(1) provide to the Secretary of Defense services, including personnel support, to support the operations of the Center; and
(2) transfer funds to the Secretary of Defense to support the operations of the Center.

(e) Acceptance of Gifts and Donations.—(1) Subject to paragraph (3), the Secretary of Defense may accept from any source specified in paragraph (2) any gift or donation for purposes of defraying the costs or enhancing the operations of the Center.
(2) The sources specified in this paragraph are the following:
(A) The government of a State or a political subdivision of a State.
(B) The government of a foreign country.
(C) A foundation or other charitable organization, including a foundation or charitable organization that is organized or operates under the laws of a foreign country.
(D) Any source in the private sector of the United States or a foreign country.
(3) The Secretary may not accept a gift or donation under this subsection if acceptance of the gift or donation would compromise or appear to compromise—
(A) the ability of the Department of Defense, any employee of the Department, or any member of the armed forces to carry out the responsibility or duty of the Department in a fair and objective manner; or
(B) the integrity of any program of the Department or of any person involved in such a program.
(4) The Secretary shall provide written guidance setting forth the criteria to be used in determining the applicability of paragraph (3) to any proposed gift or donation under this subsection.
(f) Crediting of Funds Transferred or Accepted.—Funds transferred to or accepted by the Secretary of Defense under this section shall be credited to appropriations available to the Department of Defense for the Center, and shall be available for the same purposes, and subject to the same conditions and limitations, as the appropriations with which merged. Any funds so transferred or accepted shall remain available until expended.
(g) Definitions.—In this section:
(1) The term “complex operation” means an operation as follows:
(A) A stability operation.
(B) A security operation.
(C) A transition and reconstruction operation.
(D) A counterinsurgency operation.
(E) An operation consisting of irregular warfare.
(2) The term “gift or donation” means any gift or donation of funds, materials (including research materials), real or personal property, or services (including lecture services and faculty services).
(Added Pub. L. 110–417, [div. A], title X, §1031(a), Oct. 14, 2008, 122 Stat. 4589.)