Intelligence Law Glossary - Security Services

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Security Services

Administrative Law

28 CFR § 105.22(h) [28 CFR PART 105—CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS: Subpart C—Private Security Officer Employment]

As used in this subpart:
(h) Security services
means services, whether provided by a third party for consideration, or by employees as an internal, proprietary function, to protect people or property, including activities to: Patrol, guard, or monitor property (including real property as well as tangible or intangible personal property such as records, merchandise, money, and equipment); protect against fire, theft, misappropriation, vandalism, violence, terrorism, and other illegal activity; safeguard persons; control access to real property and prevent trespass; or deter criminal activity on the authorized employer's or another's premises. This definition does not cover services by the employees described in § 105.22(f) as excluded from the definition of private security officer.