Intelligence Law Glossary - Salvage Yard

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Salvage Yard

Administrative Law

28 CFR § 25.52 [28 CFR PART 25—DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE INFORMATION SYSTEMS: SUBPART B—National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)]

For purposes of this subpart B:
Salvage yard
means an individual or entity engaged in the business of acquiring or owning salvage automobiles for—
(1) Resale in their entirety or as spare parts; or
(2) Rebuilding, restoration, or crushing.

Note to definition of “Salvage yard”: For purposes of this subpart, vehicle remarketers and vehicle recyclers, including scrap vehicle shredders and scrap metal processors as well as “pull- or pick-apart yards,” salvage pools, salvage auctions, and other types of auctions handling salvage or junk vehicles (including vehicles declared a “total loss”), are included in the definition of “junk or salvage yards.”