Intelligence Law Glossary - DoD Intelligence Components

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DoD Intelligence Components   

Statutory Law

10 U.S.C. § 1614(2) (2010) (Title 10—Chapter 83: Civilian Defense Intelligence Employees—Subchapter I: Defense-Wide Intelligence Personnel Policy)

In this subchapter [10 U.S.C. §§ 1601 et seq.]:
   (2) The term "intelligence component of the Department of Defense" means any of the following:
      (A) The National Security Agency.
      (B) The Defense Intelligence Agency.
      (C) The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
      (D) Any other component of the Department of Defense that performs intelligence functions and is designated by the Secretary of Defense as an intelligence component of the Department of Defense.
      (E) Any successor to a component specified in, or designated pursuant to, this paragraph.

Administrative Law

Department of Defense Regulation 5240.1-R, Procedures Governing the Activities of DOD Intelligence Components that Affect U.S. Persons, § DL1.1.8 (Dec. 1982): DoD Intelligence Components

Include the following organizations:
DL1.1.8.1. The National Security Agency/Central Security Service.
DL1.1.8.2. The Defense Intelligence Agency.
DL1.1.8.3. The offices within the Department of Defense for the collection of specialized national foreign intelligence through reconnaissance programs.
DL1.1.8.4. The Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Army General Staff.
DL1.1.8.5. The Office of Naval Intelligence.
DL1.1.8.6. The Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, U. S. Air Force.
DL1.1.8.7. The Army Intelligence and Security Command.
DL1.1.8.8. The Naval Intelligence Command.
DL1.1.8.9. The Naval Security Group Command.
DL1.1.8.10. The Director of Intelligence, U.S. Marine Corps.
DL1.1.8.11. The Air Force Intelligence Service.
DL1.1.8.12. The Electronic Security Command, U.S. Air Force.
DL1.1.8.13. The counterintelligence elements of the Naval Investigative Service.
DL1.1.8.14. The counterintelligence elements of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.
DL1.1.8.15. The 650th Military Intelligence Group, SHAPE.
DL1.1.8.16. Other organizations, staffs, and offices, when used for foreign intelligence or counterintelligence activities to which part 2 of E.O. 12333 (reference (a)), applies, provided that the heads of such organizations, staffs, and offices shall not be considered as heads of DoD intelligence components for purposes of this Regulation.