Intelligence Law Glossary - Collection of Information

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Collection of Information

Statutory Law

44 U.S.C. § 3502(3) (2010) (Title 44—Chapter 35: Coordination of Federal Information Policy—Subchapter I: Federal Information Policy)

As used in this subchapter [44 U.S.C. §§ 3501 et seq.]—
   (3) the term "collection of information"—
      (A) means the obtaining, causing to be obtained, soliciting, or requiring the disclosure to third parties or the public, of facts or opinions by or for an agency, regardless of form or format, calling for either—
         (i) answers to identical questions posed to, or identical reporting or recordkeeping requirements imposed on, ten or more persons, other than agencies, instrumentalities, or employees of the United States; or
         (ii) answers to questions posed to agencies, instrumentalities, or employees of the United States which are to be used for general statistical purposes; and
      (B) shall not include a collection of information described under section 3518(c)(1);