Intelligence Law Glossary - Authorized Employer

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Authorized Employer

Administrative Law

28 CFR § 105.22(a) [28 CFR PART 105—CRIMINAL HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS: Subpart C—Private Security Officer Employment]

As used in this subpart:
(a) Authorized employer
means any person that employs private security officers and is authorized by the regulations in this subpart to request a criminal history record information search of an employee through a state identification bureau. An employer is not authorized within the meaning of these regulations if it has not executed and submitted to the appropriate state agency the certification required in § 105.25(g), if its authority to do business in a State has been suspended or revoked pursuant to state law, or, in those states that regulate private security officers, the employer has been found to be out of compliance with any mandatory standards or requirements established by the appropriate regulatory agency or entity.