Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 2400.42: Security Officer.

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32 CFR 2400.42: Security Officer.

Under the general direction of the Director, the Special Assistant to the Executive Director will serve as the Security Officer and will supervise the administration of this Regulation. He/she will develop programs, in particular a Security Education Program, to insure effective compliance with and implementation of the Information Security Program. Specifically he/she also shall:
(a) Maintain a current listing by title and name of all persons who have been designated in writing to have original Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential Classification authority. Listings will be reviewed by the Director on an annual basis.
(b) Maintain the record copy of all approved OSTP classification guides.
(c) Maintain a current listing of OSTP officials designated in writing to have declassification and downgrading authority.
(d) Develop and maintain systematic review guidelines.