Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 2400.14: Use of derivative classification.

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32 CFR 2400.14: Use of derivative classification.

(a) Derivative classification is (1) the determination that information is in substance the same as information currently classified, and (2) the application of the same classification markings. Persons who only reproduce, extract, or summarize classified information, or who only apply classification markings derived from source material or as directed by a classification guide, need not possess original classification authority. If a person who applies derivative classification markings believes that the paraphrasing, restating, or summarizing of classified information has changed the level of or removed the basis for classification, that person must consult an appropriate official of the originating agency or office of origin who has the authority to declassify, downgrade or upgrade the information.
(b) Persons who apply derivative classification markings shall:
(1) Observe and respect original classification decisions; and
(2) Carry forward to any newly created documents any assigned authorized markings. The declassification date or event that provides the longest period of classification shall be used for documents classified on the basis of multiple sources.