Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 2004.5: Definitions.

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32 CFR 2004.5: Definitions.

(a) “Cognizant Security Agencies (CSAs)” means the Executive Branch departments and agencies authorized in EO 12829, as amended, to establish industrial security programs: The Department of Defense, designated as the Executive Agent; the Department of Energy; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; and the Central Intelligence Agency.
(b) “Cognizant Security Office (CSO)” means the organizational entity delegated by the Head of a CSA to administer industrial security on behalf of the CSA.
(c) “Contractor” means any industrial, education, commercial, or other entity, to include licensees or grantees that has been granted access to classified information. Contractor does not include individuals engaged under personal services contracts.
(d) “National Interest Determination (NID)” means a determination that access to proscribed information is consistent with the national security interests of the United States.
(e) “Proscribed information” means Top Secret; Communications Security, except classified keys used for data transfer; Restricted Data; Special Access Program; or Sensitive Compartmented Information.

[71 FR 18007, Apr. 10, 2006. Redesignated and amended at 75 FR 17306, Apr. 6, 2010]