Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1909.15: Action by hearing authority.

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32 CFR 1909.15: Action by hearing authority.

 Action by Agency Release Panel.

The Coordinator, in his or her capacity as Executive Secretary of the Agency Release Panel, shall place historical access requests ready for adjudication on the agenda at the next occurring meeting of the Agency Release Panel. The Executive Secretary shall provide a summation memorandum for consideration of the members, the complete record of the request consisting of the request and the findings of the tasked parties. The Panel shall meet and decide requests sitting as a committee of the whole on the basis of the eight factors enumerated at 32 CFR 1909.14(a). Decisions are by majority vote of those present at a meeting and shall be based on the written record and their deliberations; no personal appearances shall be permitted without the express permission of the Panel.