Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1804.13: Receipt, recording, and tasking.

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32 CFR 1804.13: Receipt, recording, and tasking.

The Information and Privacy Coordinator shall within ten (10) days record each request for historical access received under this part, acknowledge receipt to the requester in writing and take the following action:

(a) Compliance with general requirements.

 The Coordinator shall review each request under this part and determine whether it meets the general requirements as set forth in § 1804.11; if it does not, the Coordinator shall so notify the requester and explain the legal basis for this decision.

(b) Action on requests meeting general requirements.

 For requests which meet the requirements of § 1804.11, the Coordinator shall thereafter task the originator(s) of the materials for which access is sought and other interested parties. Additional taskings, as required during the review process, shall be accomplished within ten (10) days of notification.