Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1801.42: Right of appeal and appeal procedures.

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32 CFR 1801.42: Right of appeal and appeal procedures.

(a) Right of Appeal.

 A right of administrative appeal exists whenever access to any requested record or any portion thereof is denied, no records are located in response to a request, or a request for amendment is denied. NACIC will apprise all requesters in writing of their right to appeal such decisions to the Director, NACIC through the Coordinator.

(b) Requirements as to time and form.

 Appeals of decisions must be received by the Coordinator within forty-five (45) days of the date of NACIC's initial decision. NACIC may, for good cause and as a matter of administrative discretion, permit an additional thirty (30) days for the submission of an appeal. All appeals to the Director, NACIC shall be in writing and addressed as specified in § 1801.3. All appeals must identify the documents or portions of documents at issue with specificity, provide the desired amending language (if applicable), and may present such information, data, and argument in support as the requester may desire.

(c) Exceptions.

 No appeal shall be accepted if the requester has outstanding fees for information services at this or another federal agency. In addition, no appeal shall be accepted if the information in question has been the subject of an administrative review within the previous two (2) years or is the subject of pending litigation in the federal courts.

(d) Receipt, recording, and tasking.

 NACIC shall promptly record each administrative appeal, acknowledge receipt to the requester in writing, and thereafter effect the necessary taskings to the office chief in charge of the office(s) which originated or has an interest in the record(s) subject to the appeal.