Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1801.22: Action and determination(s) by originator(s) or any interested party.

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32 CFR 1801.22: Action and determination(s) by originator(s) or any interested party.

(a) Initial action for access.

 NACIC offices tasked pursuant to a Privacy Act access request shall search all relevant record systems within their cognizance. They shall:
(1) Determine whether responsive records exist;
(2) Determine whether access must be denied in whole or part and on what legal basis under both Acts in each such case;
(3) Approve the disclosure of records for which they are the originator; and
(4) Forward to the Coordinator all records approved for release or necessary for coordination with or referral to another originator or interested party as well as the specific determinations with respect to denials (if any).

(b) Initial action for amendment.

 NACIC offices tasked pursuant to a Privacy Act amendment request shall review the official records alleged to be inaccurate and the proposed amendment submitted by the requester. If they determine that NACIC's records are not accurate, relevant, timely or complete, they shall promptly:
(1) Make the amendment as requested;
(2) Write to all other identified persons or agencies to whom the record has been disclosed (if an accounting of the disclosure was made) and inform of the amendment; and
(3) Inform the Coordinator of such decisions.

(c) Action otherwise on amendment request.

 If the NACIC office records manager declines to make the requested amendment (or declines to make the requested amendment) but agrees to augment the official records, that manager shall promptly:
(1) Set forth the reasons for refusal; and
(2) Inform the Coordinator of such decision and the reasons therefore.

(d) Referrals and coordinations.

 As applicable and within ten (10) days of receipt by the Coordinator, any NACIC records containing information originated by other NACIC offices shall be forwarded to those entities for action in accordance with paragraphs (a), (b), or (c) of this section and return. Records originated by other federal agencies or NACIC records containing other federal information shall be forwarded to such agencies within ten (10) days of our completion of initial action in the case for action under their regulations and direct response to the requester (for other NACIC records) or return to NACIC (for NACIC records).

(e) Effect of certain exemptions.

 This section shall not be construed to allow access to systems of records exempted by the Director, NACIC pursuant to subsections (j) and (k) of the Privacy Act or where those exemptions require that NACIC can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of responsive records.