Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1801.12: Requirements as to form.

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32 CFR 1801.12: Requirements as to form.

(a) In general.

No particular form is required. All requests must contain the identification information required at § 1801.13.

(b) For access.

For requests seeking access, a requester should, to the extent possible, describe the nature of the record sought and the record system(s) in which it is thought to be included. Requesters may find assistance from information described in the Privacy Act Issuances Compilation which is published biennially by the Federal Register.

In lieu of this, a requester may simply describe why and under what circumstances it is believed that NACIC maintains responsive records; NACIC will undertake the appropriate searches.

(c) For amendment.

For requests seeking amendment, a requester should identify the particular record or portion subject to the request, state a justification for such amendment, and provide the desired amending language.