Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1701.14: Appeals.

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32 CFR 1701.14: Appeals.

(a) Individuals may appeal denials of requests for access, amendment, or accounting by submitting a written request for review to the Director, Information Management Office (D/IMO) at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Washington, DC 20511. The words “PRIVACY ACT APPEAL” should be written on the letter and the envelope. The appeal must be signed by the record subject or legal representative. No personal appearance or hearing on appeal will be allowed.
(b) The D/IMO must receive the appeal letter within 45 calendar days of the date the requester received the notice of denial. The postmark is conclusive as to timeliness. Copies of correspondence from ODNI denying the request to access or amend the record should be included with the appeal, if possible. At a minimum, the appeal letter should identify:
(1) The records involved;
(2) The date of the initial request for access to or amendment of the record;
(3) The date of ODNI's denial of that request; and
(4) A statement of the reasons supporting the request for reversal of the initial decision. The statement should focus on information not previously available or legal arguments demonstrating that the ODNI's decision is improper.

(c) Following receipt of the appeal, the Director of Intelligence Staff (DIS) shall, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, make a final determination in writing on the appeal.
(d) Where ODNI reverses an initial denial, the following procedures apply:
(1) If ODNI reverses an initial denial of access, the procedures in paragraph (e)(1) of § 1701.10 of this subpart will apply.
(2) If ODNI reverses its initial denial of a request to amend a record, the POC will ensure that the record is corrected as requested, and the D/IMO will inform the individual of the correction, as well as all persons, organizations and agencies to which ODNI had disclosed the record.
(3) If ODNI reverses its initial denial of a request for accounting, the POC will notify the requester when the accounting is available for on-site review or transmission in paper or electronic medium.
(e) If ODNI upholds its initial denial or reverses in part ( i.e., only partially granting the request), ODNI's notice of final agency action will inform the requester of the following rights:
(1) Judicial review of the denial under 5 U.S.C. 552a(g)(1), as limited by 5 U.S.C. 552a(g)(5).
(2) Opportunity to file a statement of disagreement with the denial, citing the reasons for disagreeing with ODNI's final determination not to correct or amend a record. The requester's statement of disagreement should explain why he disputes the accuracy of the record.
(3) Inclusion in one's record of copies of the statement of disagreement and the final denial, which ODNI will provide to all subsequent recipients of the disputed record, as well as to all previous recipients of the record where an accounting was made of prior disclosures of the record.