Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1701.10: ODNI responsibility for responding to access requests.

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32 CFR 1701.10: ODNI responsibility for responding to access requests.

(a) Acknowledgement of requests.

 Upon receipt of a request providing all necessary information, the D/IMO shall acknowledge receipt to the requester and provide an assigned request number for further reference.

(b) Tasking to component.

 Upon receipt of a proper access request, the D/IMO shall provide a copy of the request to the point of contact (POC) in the ODNI component with which the records sought reside. The POC within the component shall determine whether responsive records exist and, if so, recommend to the D/IMO:
(1) Whether access should be denied in whole or part (and the legal basis for denial under the Privacy Act); or
(2) Whether coordination with or referral to another component or federal agency is appropriate.

(c) Coordination and referrals

(1)  Examination of records.
 If a component POC receiving a request for access determines that an originating agency or other agency that has a substantial interest in the record is best able to process the request (e.g., the record is governed by another agency's regulation, or another agency originally generated or classified the record), the POC shall forward to the D/IMO all records necessary for coordination with or referral to the other component or agency, as well as specific recommendations with respect to any denials.
(2) Notice of referral.
 Whenever the D/IMO refers all or any part of the responsibility for responding to a request to another agency, the D/IMO shall notify the requester of the referral.
(3) Effect of certain exemptions.
 (i) In processing a request, the ODNI shall decline to confirm or deny the existence or nonexistence of any responsive records whenever the fact of their existence or nonexistence:
(A) May reveal protected intelligence sources and collection methods (50 U.S.C. 403-1(i)); or
(B) Is classified and subject to an exemption appropriately invoked by ODNI or another agency under subsections (j) or (k) of the Privacy Act.
(ii) In such event, the ODNI will inform the requester in writing and advise the requestor of the right to file an administrative appeal of any adverse determination.

(d) Time for response.

 The D/IMO shall respond to a request for access promptly upon receipt of recommendations from the POC and determinations resulting from any necessary coordination with or referral to another agency. The D/IMO may determine to update a requester on the status of a request that remains outstanding longer than reasonably expected.

(e) ODNI action on requests for access

(1)  Grant of access.
 Once the D/IMO determines to grant a request for access in whole or in part, the D/IMO shall notify the requester in writing and come to agreement with the requester about how to effect access, whether by on-site review or duplication of the records. If a requester is accompanied by another person, the requester shall be required to authorize in writing any discussion of the records in the presence of the other person.
(2) Denial of access.
 The D/IMO shall notify the requester in writing when an adverse determination is made denying a request for access in any respect. Adverse determinations, or denials, consist of a determination to withhold any requested record in whole or in part; a determination that a requested record does not exist or cannot be located; a determination that what has been requested is not a record subject to the Privacy Act; or a determination that the existence of a record can neither be confirmed nor denied. The notification letter shall state:
(i) The reason(s) for the denial; and
(ii) The procedure for appeal of the denial under § 1701.14 of this subpart.