Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1700.8: Action on the request.

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32 CFR 1700.8: Action on the request.

(a) Initial action for access.

ODNI staff identified to search for records pursuant to a FOIA request shall search all relevant record systems within their cognizance as of the date the search is commenced. A staff member tasked to conduct a search shall:
(1) Determine whether records exist;
(2) Determine whether and to what extent any FOIA exemptions apply;
(3) Make recommendations for withholding records or portions of records that originated in the staff member's organization and for which there is a legal basis for denial or make a recommendation in accordance with § 1700.7(c). In making recommendations, ODNI staff shall be guided by the procedures specified in § 1700.10 regarding confidential commercial information and § 1700.11 regarding third party information; and
(4) Forward to the Director, IMO, all records responsive to the request.

(b) Referrals and consultations.

 ODNI records containing information originated by other ODNI components shall be forwarded to those entities for action in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section and returned. Records originated by other federal agencies or ODNI records containing other federal agency information shall be forwarded to such agencies for processing and direct response to the requester or for consultation and return to the ODNI. ODNI will notify the requester if it makes a referral for direct response.

(c) Release of information.

 When the Director, IMO (or Appeals Authority) makes a final determination to release records, the records will be forwarded to the requester in an appropriate format promptly upon compliance with any preliminary procedural requirements, including payment of fees. If any portion of a record is withheld initially or upon appeal, the Director, IMO (or Appeals Authority) will provide a written response that shall include, at a minimum:
(1) The basis for the withholding, citing the specific statutory exemption or exemptions invoked under the FOIA with respect to each portion withheld, unless documents are withheld in accordance with § 1700.7(c);
(2) When the withholding is based in whole or in part on a security classification, the explanation shall include a determination that the record meets the cited criteria and rationale of the governing Executive Order;
(3) When the denial is based on 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(3), the statute relied upon; and
(4) Notice to the requester of the right to judicial review.