Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1700.5: Requirements as to form and content.

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32 CFR 1700.5: Requirements as to form and content.

(a) Required information.

No particular form is required. A request must reasonably describe the record or records being sought and be submitted in accordance with this regulation. Documents must be described sufficiently to enable a staff member familiar with the subject to locate the documents with a reasonable amount of effort. Whenever possible, your request should include specific information about each record sought, such as the date, title or name, author, recipient, and the subject matter of the record. As a general rule, the more specific you are about the records or type of records  that you want, the more likely it will be that the IMO will be able to locate records responsive to your request. The IMO will provide you an opportunity to discuss your request with it so that you may modify your request to meet the requirements of this section. If after having been asked to do so you do not provide the IMO with information sufficient to enable it to locate responsive records your request will be closed.

(b) Additional information for fee determination

. A requester must provide sufficient personally identifying information to allow staff to determine the appropriate fee category and to contact the requester easily.