Administrative Law - CFR - 32 CFR 1700.12: Requests for expedited processing.

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32 CFR 1700.12: Requests for expedited processing.

(a) In general.

 All requests will be handled in the order received on a strictly “first-in, first-out” basis. Exceptions to this rule will only be made in accordance with the following procedures.

(b) Procedure.

 A requester who seeks expedited processing must submit a statement, certified to be true and correct, explaining in detail the basis for requesting expedited processing. Within ten calendar days of its receipt of a request for expedited processing, the IMO shall decide whether to grant it and shall notify the requester of the decision. If a request for expedited processing is granted, the request shall be given priority and shall be processed as soon as practicable.

(c) Determination to be made:

 Requests and appeals will be taken out of order and given expedited processing treatment whenever it is determined that they involve:
(1) Circumstances in which the lack of expedited treatment could reasonably be expected to pose an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of an individual; or
(2) An urgency to inform the public concerning an actual or alleged Federal Government activity, if made by a person primarily engaged in disseminating information.