Administrative Law - CFR - 28 CFR 65.41: Review of State applications.

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28 CFR 65.41: Review of State applications.

(a) Review criteria.

The Act provides the basis for review and approval or disapproval of state applications. Federal law enforcement assistance may be provided if such assistance is necessary to provide an adequate response to a law enforcement emergency. In determining whether to approve or disapprove an application for assistance under this section, the Attorney General shall consider:

            (1) The nature and extent of such emergency throughout a state or in any part of a state;

            (2) The situation or extraordinary circumstances which produced such emergency;

            (3) The availability of state and local criminal justice resources to resolve the problem;

            (4) The cost associated with the increased Federal presence;

            (5) The need to avoid unnecessary Federal involvement and intervention in matters primarily of state and local concern; and,

            (6) Any assistance which the state or other appropriate unit of government has received, or could receive, under any provision of title I of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968.

(b) Review process.

            (1) The Attorney General shall consult with the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs, and the Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance, on requests for grant assistance.

            (2) All requests for assistance of the Federal law enforcement community (e.g., equipment, training, information, or personnel) shall be reviewed by the Attorney General in consultation with appropriate members of the Federal law enforcement community, including the United States Attorney(s) in the affected District(s). Such requests will be subject to statutory restrictions, including section 609O on Federal agency activities.


            (3) The Attorney General will approve or disapprove each application, submitted in accordance with these regulations, no later than ten (10) days after receipt.