Administrative Law - CFR - 28 CFR 65.31: Application content.

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28 CFR 65.31: Application content.

The Act identifies six factors which the Attorney General will consider in approving or disapproving an application, and includes administrative requirements to ensure appropriate use of Federal assistance. Therefore, each application must be in writing and must include the following:

(a) Problem.

A description of the nature and extent of the law enforcement emergency, including the specific identification and description of the political and geographical subdivision(s) wherein the emergency exists;

(b) Cause.

A description of the situation or extraordinary circumstances which produced such emergency;

(c) Resources.

A description of the state and local criminal justice resources available to address the emergency, and a discussion of why and to what degree they are insufficient;

(d) Assistance requested.

A specific statement of the funds, equipment, training, intelligence information, or personnel requested, and a description of their intended use;

(e) Other assistance.

The identification of any other assistance the state or appropriate unit of government has received, or could receive, under any provision of the Act; and,

(f) Other requirements.

Assurance of compliance with other requirements of the Act, detailed in other parts of these regulations, including: Nonsupplantation; nondiscrimination; confidentiality of information; prohibition against land acquisition; recordkeeping and audit; limitation on civil justice matters.