Administrative Law - CFR - 28 CFR 29.1: Purpose.

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28 CFR 29.1: Purpose.

(a) The purpose of this part is to implement the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act, 42 U.S.C. 14171, which requires the Attorney General to develop, in cooperation with the states, a national voluntary motor vehicle theft prevention program. The program will be implemented by states and localities, at their sole option.

(b) Under this program, individual motor vehicle owners voluntarily sign a consent form in which the owner

            (1) Indicates that the identified vehicle is not normally operated under certain specified conditions and

            (2) Agrees to display a program decal or license plate on the vehicle and to permit law enforcement officials in any jurisdiction to stop the motor vehicle if it is being operated under specified conditions and take reasonable steps to determine whether the vehicle is being operated by or with the permission of the owner.

(c) The regulations set forth in this part establish the conditions under which an owner may consent to having his or her vehicle stopped and the manner in which a State or locality may elect to participate.