Administrative Law - CFR - 28 CFR 20.22: Certification of compliance.

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28 CFR 20.22: Certification of compliance.

(a) Each State to which these regulations are applicable shall with the submission of its plan provide a certification that to the maximum extent feasible action has been taken to comply with the procedures set forth in the plan. Maximum extent feasible, in this subsection, means actions which can be taken to comply with the procedures set forth in the plan that do not require additional legislative authority or involve unreasonable cost or do not exceed existing technical ability.

(b) The certification shall include—

            (1) An outline of the action which has been instituted. At a minimum, the requirements of access and review under § 20.21(g) must be completely operational;

            (2) A description of any legislation or executive order, or attempts to obtain such authority that has been instituted to comply with these regulations;

            (3) A description of the steps taken to overcome any fiscal, technical, and administrative barriers to the development of complete and accurate criminal history record information;

            (4) A description of existing system capability and steps being taken to upgrade such capability to meet the requirements of these regulations; and

            (5) A listing setting forth categories of non-criminal justice dissemination. See § 20.21(b).