Administrative Law - CFR - 28 CFR 17.12: Component head responsibilities.

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28 CFR 17.12: Component head responsibilities.

The head of each component shall appoint and oversee a Security Programs Manager to implement this regulation. The Security Programs Managers shall:

(a) Observe, enforce, and implement security regulations or procedures pertaining to the classification, declassification, safeguarding, handling, and storage of classified national security information;

(b) Report violations of the provisions of this regulation to the Department Security Officer;

(c) Ensure that all employees acquire adequate security education and training as required by the provisions of the Department security regulations and procedures for classified information;

(d) Continuously review the requirements for personnel access to classified information as a part of the continuous need-to-know evaluation, and initiate action to administratively withdraw or reduce the level of access authorized, as appropriate; and

(e) Cooperate fully with any request from the Department Security Officer for assistance in the implementation of this part.