Administrative Law - CFR - 28 CFR 16.202: Open meetings.

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28 CFR 16.202: Open meetings.

(a) Every portion of every meeting of the Commission shall be open to public observation unless closed to the public pursuant to the provisions of § 16.203 (Formal Procedure) or § 16.205 (Informal Procedure).

(b) The attendance of any member of the public is conditioned upon the orderly demeanor of such person during the conduct of Commission business. The public shall be permitted to observe and to take notes, but unless prior permission is granted by the Commission, shall not be permitted to record or photograph by means of any mechanical or electronic device any portion of meetings which are open to the public.

(c) The Commission shall be responsible for arranging a suitable site for each open Commission meeting so that ample seating, visibility, and acoustics are provided to the public and ample security measures are employed for the protection of Commissioners and Staff. The Commission shall be responsible for recording or developing the minutes of Commission meetings.

(d) Public notice of open meetings shall be given as prescribed in § 16.204(a), and a record of votes kept pursuant to § 16.206(a).