Intelligence Law Glossary - Prints [HTML-Only]

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Statutory Law

22 U.S.C. § 611(n) (2010) (Title 22—Chapter 11: Foreign Agents and Propaganda: Registration of Foreign Propagandists)

As used in and for the purposes of this Act—
(n) The term "prints" means newspapers and periodicals, books, pamphlets, sheet music, visiting cards, address cards, printing proofs, engravings, photographs, pictures, drawings, plans, maps, patterns to be cut out, catalogs, prospectuses, advertisements, and printed, engraved, lithographed, or autographed notices of various kinds, and, in general, all impressions or reproductions obtained on paper or other material assimilable to paper, on parchment or on cardboard, by means of printing, engraving, lithography, autography, or any other easily recognizable mechanical process, with the exception of the copying press, stamps with movable or immovable type, and the typewriter;