Intelligence Law Glossary - Organization [HTML-Only]

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Statutory Law

8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(28) (2010) (Title 8—Chapter 12: Immigration and Nationality)

(a) As used in this Act—
   (28) The term "organization" means, but is not limited to, an organization, corporation, company, partnership, association, trust, foundation or fund; and includes a group of persons, whether or not incorporated, permanently or temporarily associated together with joint action on any subject or subjects.

Administrative Law

Department of Defense Regulation 5240.1-R, Procedures Governing the Activities of DOD Intelligence Components that Affect U.S. Persons, § C10.2.2 (Dec. 1982): “Organization”

The term organization includes corporations and other commercial organizations, academic institutions, clubs, professional societies, associations, and any other group whose existence is formalized in some manner or otherwise functions on a continuing basis.