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Department of Defense Manual

Administrative Law

U.S. Dep't of Defense, Instruction No. 5025.01, Part II (Oct. 28, 2007)

[DoD Manual]
DoDM:  A DoD issuance providing detailed procedures for implementing policy established in DoDDs and DoDIs.  DoDMs shall include the specific, procedural information formerly published as DoD Publications.  All DoD Publications that are not DoDMs (i.e., catalogs, compendiums, directories, handbooks, indexes, inventories, lists, modules, pamphlets, plans, series, standards, supplements, and regulations) shall be converted into DoDMs on their next reissuance.  DoDMs shall be signed by the Heads of the OSD Components, their Principal Deputies, or the OSD PAS officials as authorized by their chartering DoDDs.  DoDMs exceeding 100 pages in length shall be separated into two or more volumes.