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Statutory Law Supplement for Federal Criminal Law (1st Edition 2010)


NOTE: This page refers to the 1st edition of this publication. For the 2nd edition, click here.

This 810-page supplement contains constitutional provisions and codified statutes relevant to federal criminal law in the United States.

An updated and more comprehensive second edition was released in 2013.

          • Editor: David Alan Jordan
          • Cost: Free
          • Length: 810 Pages
          • Download: pdf
          • Copyleft Notice: This document is in the public domain. No rights reserved.
          • Currency: The code sections contained in this supplement were current as of June 2010 but may have changed by the time you study them. This supplement is intended to be used only as a learning aid and not for actual legal practice. Be sure to verify the text of these statutes and obtain a copy of the most recent version before using them for any practical purpose.
          • Dedication: This free intelligence law supplement is dedicated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund [].


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