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Administrative Law Supplement for U.S. Intelligence Law (2nd Edition 2013)

administrative law supplement for us intelligence law


This 1366-page second edition contains contains legislative and non-legislative administrative rules relevant to domestic intelligence activities.


          • Editor: David Alan Jordan
          • Cost: Free
          • Length: 1366 Pages
          • Download: pdf
          • Online Edition: website
          • Dedication: This intelligence law supplement is dedicated to the Center for Democracy & Technology and [ &]
          • Description: This 1366-page digital desk reference contains executive orders, agency regulations, non-legislative rules, and court rules relevant to intelligence operations.
          • Second Edition Enhancements: This updated and expanded second edition contains over 1100 pages of new administrative laws not contained in the first edition.
          • Currency: The Code of Federal Regulations sections and historical references contained in the second edition of this supplement are current through July 1, 2011.


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